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Hi! I'm Andy. ^_^ I'm an eighteen-year-old Multimedia Arts Sophomore. This blog contains ALL of my shenanigans, as well as some of my artworks. Feel free to message me. (; v ;) I love making new friends! I'm also the Guild Mistress of DragNeeL from DNSEA Greenwood, and I run DN Did You Know.

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*Concept Art*


Yuki Hime :D


Pocket Princesses 119: Happy Dapper Day!

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A Sibling Affair Art Update:

W.I.P. of 14-year-old Elsa in her school uniform. At this point, Elsa is in 8th grade and her big brother Jack is in senior year. She’s a B-cup at age 14, what an early bloomer.

I GOT A NEW LAPPY! So right now I’m pretty busy transferring my stuff and all my settings and preferences to George 2.0. I’m so EXCITED!!! (> v


New Frozen Anna & Elsa canvas prints from Disneyland Paris. Pic cred: @disneylandberry #disney #disneyfrozen #frozen #frozenmerch #anna #elsa #disneylandparis #disneyart


Over-thinking things.

A paintover of FoxFae!Elsa from my Jelsa Celtic AU, Dormant Cold. I think I’m improving! ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ


'…and this is why you should hire me.'

haha no but srsly i’m finished with this piece bc i gave up after a while bc i’m so done after colouring that dress XD //rolls away// but i hope that you like it anyway. first time drawing Merida and first time colouring her. i think i’m getting the hang of colouring in PS ;;v;;


HOW TO MAKE YOUR ART LOOK NICE: Color Harmony by Trotroy

For all those artists out there who want to know more about color picking, here’s a belated Christmas gift to y’all!

A class doodle of A Sibling Affair LittleSis!Elsa, making wreath of flowers for her older brother, Jack. She’s supposed to be around 11 here. Please ignore my notes.

Some Jelsa scribbles of the Cats AU from my school planner. I still feel really really bummed out, but I feel my artblock lifting a little. I hope I can get back to these personal projects soon.

On the side note, please ignore my school notes and horrible handwriting THANK YOU.




I lost it at 0:21


Anonymous whispered: You are soooo great artist. I'm addiction.

Thank you very much! :D <333