A Sea of Stars
Hi! I'm Andy. ^_^ I'm an eighteen-year-old Multimedia Arts Sophomore. This blog contains ALL of my shenanigans, as well as some of my artworks. Feel free to message me. (; v ;) I love making new friends! I'm also the Guild Mistress of DragNeeL from DNSEA Greenwood, and I run DN Did You Know.

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A quick pencil sketch of Edessa, my Warden from Dragon Age: Origins during retreat. Human. Rogue. Last of the Couslands.

She’s surprised how quickly tragedy strikes.

You know, you guys shouldn’t even apologize because you make me feel so loved, you know? ; v ; Thank you so much for the wishes! I have had quite the several great days since my birthday! 

Some of the things I bought from the BGC Art Mart last Sunday, Sept. 28. My wallet was heavily mutilated, but by the grace of self-restraint, it survived!

Framed Paper Cut-Out Quote by Hands Love Papers (You can also find them on Facebook.)

"Mr. Fox" and "Mr. Rabbit" by It’s a Mustard World

Wildflower and Quote Print Sets by Stars For Dreams

I have so much more stuff to show, especially a gorgeous watercolor flower-themed 2015 calendar, which is a gift to my grandmother, a notebook, and two more prints. I’m too tired at this point, as I just came back from a retreat in Tagaytay. I’ll post more soon. ヾ(^▽^)ノ

Okay, so Hodge Podge caught me at the BGC Art Bazaar with mah Norse print bag. WHOO.

So I just came back from the Art Bazaar at Bonifacio High Street and GOD I ALMOST TOTALLY SPENT MY WALLET DRY on these super cool art prints and postcards and notebooks and framed cutout quotes like URRRGGGGHHH.

I’LL POST PICTURES OF THE LOOT I HORDED IN AFTER RETREAT. And speaking of retreat, I’ll be gone for two days. If I can ask you guys this little favor, please watch out for any unauthorized edits or reposts of my art? I’m hoping nothing happens while I’m gone. ; n ;

Baby, it’s okay! ; n ; Thank you so much for even bothering to greet me! I had so much fun with my friends too! I love you all so much, and don’t fret, I won’t leave. If I ever try to leave, you’re all entitled to drag me back kicking and screaming. THANKS AGAIN~! <3 <3 <3

Just your greeting is more than enough, honey. We don’t talk but I appreciate your presence all the time. (^ v ^) Thank you!

Thanks so much darling! And I DO hope they’re in my favor cuz I HELLA need it!

soratane whispered: I'll join in and wish you a happy birthday as well. I know you're hours ahead so it's already almost over. But I hope it's been a good one.

Oh wow, thank you so much for the greeting, Charlie! (; n ;) It was a really fun birthday, one I haven’t had in so long a while. Thank you, really!

Anonymous whispered: Happy birthday! Please never give up on what you love. I love your fanarts so much!

Thank you Anon! It was fun. :) I’m really happy to hear of your support. I’m not giving up!

crimsonfirebolt whispered: it's your birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!! ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Thank you so much, darling! I love the stars! HOW DID YOU KNOW? (> v <)


eve-on-the-line whispered: Happy birthday!

Thank you so much, love! Your wishes are well appreciated! (; v ; )


It’s my really special day, and it kicks off with me finding out tons of assholes took my art, cropped it, and posted it wherever they pleased and for whatever purpose. There was even one Enjoygram user who said my 400+ Followers thank you gift was JackxAstrid. I have absolutely nothing against the ship, but rather how they cropped 50% off my artwork and claim they don’t know the exact artist.

Then there’s someone on Wattpad who cropped it, covered it in text for their fic, and used it as a cover without permission. Guys, I will say i’ll be fine with you reposting my art SO LONG AS YOU DO NOT EDIT IT, TAKE OUT THE WATERMARK, AND JUST CREDIT ME PROPERLY. You don’t know how entirely discouraging this is. HONESTLY.


When artists say they suck at arting

Anonymous whispered: Hi!! I just wanted to say that I love your jelsa artwork, everyone of them are so breathtakingly beautiful! Also I wanted to ask if Elsa from your sibling affair au ever gets jealous from the attention jack gets from other girls

She does! Somewhere into the story, that is, but I’m not telling. XD